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Updated June 25, 2001

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Shmuely M.

Yossi went to Disney back in December '98 with Chai Lifeline and the Ohr Meir Foundation. This is his first counselor, Shmuely Mandel. Yossi is wearing his famous superman shirt and of course his beautiful smile!

Way too cool.

After going through Yossi's pictures a million times, I noticed that he was really into the cool sign back in '98. He does the thumbs up in almost every picture.

Disney '98

Yossi is obviously having fun. The counselors look very familar, but I can't place who they are. I will be happy to add the correct names.


By far this is one of my favorite camp pictures of Yossi. It was one of the ones the counselors brought us down. I think it also just captures his essence.

Rosh Yeshiva

Camp Simcha dedicated a new Sefer Torah this past summer. The Rav in the photos with Yossi is Horav Matisyahu Solomon, Mashgiach Ruchni of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. During the Torah dedication at Camp Simcha, he skipped out on the speeches to speak to each boy individually and to give both the campers and the counselors his bracha.

Rosh Yeshiva 2

These two pictures show so much emotion. It's not too usual to see someone take someone's face in their hands. I would love to find out what this Rosh Yeshiva actually said to Yoss.

Silly hats

This is what Camp Simcha is all about. Give the kids a few weeks to make them forget the whole year.


I think that the boy in the picture is Doron. Yossi is in a lot of pictures with him. The man is named Ari, but everyone calls him Demby. Yossi met him at Disney in 1998, and they have been friends ever since.

Yoss & Ari

Yossi and Ari were a perfect "shidduch" (match). They got along like they knew each other for ever. Almost every picture has their arms around each other.


I saved the mot poignant for last. Yossi is dancing with a boy named Jesse. Jesse passed away a little over a month before Yossi did. I hope that as they dance in Gan Eden, wthey will ask HaShem to end this horrible Galus (exile) for us!

coming soon?

coming soon???

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