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Updated June 25, 2001

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This is the first picture taken of Yossi when he was barely a few minutes old.


This became one of my favorite pictures of Yossi as a baby. I have taken a picture of each of my kids like this, but none of them look like this!

Yoss and golds

This was taken on one of Yossi's first trips home after his transplant.


This was the first Purim after Yossi's transplant in '98. I told the kids to act silly, and boy did they!


Yossi rooted for any New York team. He especially like the Jets and the Giants. (He also likes the Yankees and the Mets.)


Yossi wasn't allowed to play with guns in my house. But in Grandma and Grandpa's house, that is another story. He got whatever he wanted, basically. :-)

Yossi & Shauly

I am still blown away by how much alike these two boys look. Yossi loved his siblings so much.

4 kids

This is from the group of pictures that were taken for the BMT clinic. (Goldie was running a fever, and I was concerned about the other patients who were at the photo shot, which is why she is missing.)


Last summer on our way home from NY we stopped in Balitmore, and met up with my cyber-friend Michele and her crew. (Michele is Missy's mom.)

Busche Gardens

Ahh, one of the last happy moments of our life. This was taken just a week before the YossMan relapsed.


YaauuuSSSEEEE! You always do that! (Does anyone know how to make it look like his eyes are open and it will look good, not eyeballs pasted on?)


*SIGH* Another last. The last time Yossi got to goof off with his friend Ari before he left for MN. Oh Man, Yoss, do I miss you!

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