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Sept. 21, 1999

Day '+606'

written by Mommy

It's been a while. In fact, yesterday, September 20, was exactly two years since Yossi Chaim has been diagnosed with cancer! It is so hard for us to believe! Looking back, it seems like we would never be able to say that he survived, and that life goes on, but THANK G-D, it has.

Yossi has adjusted to school. It was hard at first. The first or second day of school he complained that he has too much homework, and when will he have time to ride his bike, play on computer and rest. That last one was kinda funny to me. I can understand a kid wanting to do those first two things, but well, rest? Anyway, he is getting used to the routine of school, and I think he really enjoys being with his friends again.

On the first day of school, Grandma and Grandpa, Mr. Stieber (his wonderful math tutor), Debbie Rice (his great team in training partner), Mommy and Papa, and gang all went to school to be with the YossMan on his return. The principal, Rabbi K welcomed Yossi back. It was very special.

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Oct 12, 1999

Day '+627'

Yossi went to clinic yesterday for the first time in a month. His blood counts are great. He no longer has to take Acyclovir for his shingles. He had been on it for almost 4 months. He had a little 'thing' in his neck, but the doctor said it was normal. Yossi also got a flu shot yesterday. They discussed the removal of his port-a-cath, and it will probably come out by the end of the year. He now only has to come to clinic once every 6 weeks and in January he will start coming once every 2 months! So, he is doing real well and the Dr. said he can do just about anything he wants, but just needs to stay away from people who are sick.

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Jan 10, 2000

Day '+717'

Sorry that it has been so long since the last update, it has been exactly 80 days. Things have been going really well for Yossi. At the end of October he finally got to take his trip to New York that he has wanted for a very long time. Him and Papa drove up for a few days so Yossi could go to his counselor's wedding. Yossi had a great time and Papa treated him to just about anything he wanted. The guys had a great time driving up and back, especially getting to listen to the Yankees win the World Series!!! At the end of November Yossi got his Port-A-Cath removed at the local hospital. It was outpatient surgery and Yossi did fine. For a few days after he didn't feel 100% but that was normal and he recovered quickly. This past week Yossi broke out in what looked like hives. The regular pediatrician said it was probably an allergic reaction to something. After takin a few doses of Benadryl, they cleared up. AND, last night we got a BIG scare with Yossi. All of a sudden he got a terrible nosebleed that would not stop for about 25 minutes. Now, in the OLD days when he had low platelets because of the Leukemia, the chemo, or the transplant, he would get nosebleeds, but never like this. So, we called the doctor who said we could take him to the local ER. We were all very scared that he had low platelets, which, of course, could mean that the Leukemia was back....Well, by the time we got to the hospital the bleeding had stopped. They took his blood counts and they were PERFECT. They said it was just a normal winter time, dry heat nose bleed. This was the first time Yossi had his blood counts taken since he had his port removed, and he didn't like it too much, to say the least. He is actually scheduled to go to clinic this Friday for the first time in 2 months. He is hoping that since they did his blood counts last night, they won't have to do it again. We will see... They recommended a cool mist humidifier for his room and nasal spray for a few days. Thankfully he is fine, it was all just a very frightening scare!

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Jan 23, 2000

Day '+730'

Today is a very great day! It is two years since Yossi's Bone Marrow Transplant. At this point his immune system is considered pretty much back to normal, although the Dr. once said we need to wait 3 years. Never the less, Yossi can do anything he wants, but it is still wise to stay away from people who are sick. Actually, everyone should do that! At this point long term survival becomes a much greater probability! Yossi is really doing great. He is doing well in school and has a great sense of humor. He only has to go to clinic once every 2 months. He has finished getting all of his shots and is a regular kid again. In 3 more years, he will be considered cured. Really, that is a long time to wait, but we can do it!

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Aug 4, 2000

Day '+924'

Yeah, we know it has been almost 7 months since we have posted an update to Yossi's site. He had a great school year, and stayed very healthy. His clinic visits are down to once every 4 months and beginning in 2001, will be once every 6 months. He did go to clinic today, which prompted this update. His blood counts are doing fine. He does have a touch of bronchitis and got an antibiotic for that. When he goes to clinic next in December, he blood will be sent to an Endocrinologist to see if he needs growth hormones. He never was a big guy, and he has grown, but they want to make sure the chemo and radiation aren't causing his growth to be too little. Yossi finally gets to go to camp in about 9 days and will be there for 2 weeks. The last 2 years he couldn't go for health reasons, so he is excited about it this time. He will probably be one of the healthiest kids there, happy to say for him. Yossi has also become a very in demand speaker. He spoke twice for a blood and marrow donor drive in February, spoke again at the Bone Marrow Clinic's survivor reunion, and is speaking again next week for the Blood Services. He speaks very well, not nervous at all. In February he spoke along with a famous author, David Baldacci and after the speeches, the author asked YOSSI to sign his book for him! Well, can't think of anything else, just wanted to let everyone know he is doing great!

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