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I started decorating cakes 10 years ago. They started off as basic cakes, and rapidily became more complex and demanding in design. By using all different modes of decorating, I have achieved many brilliant and unique looks.

I had to take a break from decorating cakes last year. I am very happy that Yossi Chaim is doing well, and I am able to once again start decorating cakes. I have begun to broaden my horizons, and try new technics.

...and now for some highlights of Leah's cakes!

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Tiered cakes Sculptured Assorted Jewish Themes
Basket weave Hand Cake Thanksgiving Lubavitch cake
Tiers Fish Cake Artsy Chanukah Cake
Anniversary Cake Cows Western Cake RTA Logo
2 similar ones Elephant Pooh bear baby shower
Stunning! Open Torah Scroll Boy Scout Tallis sheetcake
Simple but elegant Baby carriage Flowers Galore Torah Cake
Mazel Tov (baby) Cowboy hat Shauly's cake 10 commandments
Presents or Cake? Tallis cakes Basketball cake 10 Commandments 2
Wedding presents 3-D Tennis Flowery heart cake Bat Mitzvah
Fourth of July Bat Mitzvah 2
Bowling cake Very cool star
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This page was last updated on November 18,2000

OK, NOW I have had many more visitors than cakes I have made! Thanks! (Although, the geocities counters are not working correctly as of Nov. 18th. I have had almost 5000 visitors to my site.

Pictures from 1998 summer's trip to New York.

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