I am sitting here, having been to the computer every day to look for updates of Yossi..... continuing to pray, continuing to hope, reading every 'Yossi' post for a needed sense of cummunal sharing during times like these....... and I must admit to being perplexed at my feelings of calm and peace.
Each day, I have fasted. (It is Lent for us Catholics..... so it was easy to want to sacrifice, and to give my sacrifice of 'meats and treats' for the suffering of Yossi and his family). Each day I have prayed. My three wick candle is all but gone, now. And, through it all, I have felt the grace that all will be well.
So many prayers for a miracle...... but, I have come to feel that Yossi was the miracle. I have never been more touched by the witness of such widespread prayer, and hope and faith...... among all religions and races....... and those who practice no religion at all...... stopping and reading Psalm candles...keeping a child and his entire family never far from thought...even in times of personal strife. The generousity of spirit in literally thousands of people that this one child has inspired has left me humbled. Even in his last days..... unable to talk.... his physical body denying him..... yet he inspired such devotion to all those whose path he has crossed. Even those doctors of science would come to know the strength of spirit that is Yosef Chaim!
As sure as the mourning and tears that are present to all those on earth who will miss Yossi's presence...... as sure as the sacrifice that Yossi's family has had extracted from among their own..... there will be such glory for Yossi in Our Father's Kingdom.
My acts of charity and sacrifice, and devotion of faith, and strength of spirit for the remaining days of Lent will be in Yossi's honor. Yet, even when he is gone to those of us on earth, he still receives acts of goodness in his name..... they will adorn his spirit and I will continue to know the miracle that is Yosef Chaim ben Michoel Dovid HaLevi.
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