In rabbinic literature, it is Rochel who is mevakah al banehah, Rochel who cries for her children, who does everything possible for them so that they will be safe, and refuses to take no for an answer. I think that in this case we all know that Leah and her family take a backseat to no one in this regard.
Michoel, Leah, Ilene, Marvin- you will always have doubts about whether if you went to this doctor, or tried that therapy, that maybe things would have worked out differently. I can honestly say from a professional view, and I'm sure that everyone else in this room can also attest to the fact, that you did everything humanly possible, and sometimes a little bit more, for yossi. As Michoel said in one of the website updates, you were moving mountains for Yossi. That you refused to take no for answer.
Yirmiyahu continues in the passage ki yeish sachar l'peulasech neum hashem, that G-d promises that there is a reward for your work. I don't think we can possibly know all the lives that Yossi and you have touched through this ordeal, and all the mitzvos and tzedakah that have been done on his behalf. I was very surprised to hear yossi's name mentioned on the Nachum Segal show in New york, that all of new York should make a mi shebarach on his behalf. I am sure that I am not the only one who had the following happen to me- Last week, on the day that you had asked everyone to say tehillim at a given time on Yossi's behalf, several people at the hospital gave me printouts from the website making sure that I knew of this request. I am sure that because of all of your work that there is a reward in the end.
The passage concludes with rachem arachamenu neum hashem, that G-d promises that because of all that was done for the children, for refusing to take no for an answer, that he will comfort and have mercy upon Rochel and her children. It is my hope, prayer, and expectation that for all that you all did for Yossi, that Hashem will be merciful and comforting to you.